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If you think that there is an error in how your package is being tested or represented, please file an issue at PackageEvaluator.jl, making sure to read the FAQ first.


Julia v0.4

Julia v0.5

Julia v0.6

Most Recent Test Logs

Version and Status History

Julia v0.4

2015-09-27 to 2017-05-25, v0.6.4, Tests pass.
2015-08-29 to 2015-09-11, v0.6.3, Tests pass.
2015-06-20 to 2015-08-12, v0.6.2, Tests pass.
2015-05-01 to 2015-06-17, v0.6.2, Test exist, they pass.
2015-04-21 to 2015-04-29, v0.6.1, Test exist, they pass.
2015-04-18 to 2015-04-19, v0.4.12, Test exist, they pass.
2015-03-17 to 2015-04-16, v0.4.10, Test exist, they pass.
2015-03-14 to 2015-03-16, v0.4.9, Test exist, they fail, but package loads.
2015-03-13 to 2015-03-13, v0.4.9, Test exist, they pass.
2014-10-28 to 2015-03-12, v0.4.8, Test exist, they pass.
2014-10-23 to 2014-10-27, v0.4.6, No tests, package doesn't load.
2014-08-13 to 2014-10-22, v0.4.6, Test exist, they pass.

Julia v0.5

2015-11-25 to 2017-05-25, v0.6.4, Tests fail.

Julia v0.6

2016-09-23 to 2017-05-25, v0.6.4, Tests fail.